The Problem: While the majority of Americans have been involved in the "wedge issues" of abortion, guns, gays, poor teachers, etc. the country has been taken away from them. The key to having any hope of regaining our democracy is these NotSee Americans to open their eyes and get actively involved. (If it isn't too late)

In NOT SEE America You Will:


NOT SEE prosecution of corporate crime

Frown NOT SEE a public health system
Frown not see an end to industrial pollution
Frown not see proper funding for public schools
Frown not see real environmental protections
Frown not see gun laws making our streets safer
Frown not see unbiased media reporting
Frown not see a middle class economic system
Frown not see fair decisions by the supreme court
Frown not see congress function as a two party system
Frown not see fair elections
Frown not see civil liberties returned
Frown not see peace on earth

In NotSee America you will have nothing that resembles the Democracy this nation was founded on. We will be controlled by a Power Elite who are NOT elected by the people. We are heading toward a New World Order - One Government World. Wake Up!


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